Mobile Property

Go Mobile...With Mobile Property!

Your Electronic Tenant® Portal is now in the palm of your hand! By downloading / bookmarking the Merritt 7 Mobile Property app tablet, you can add an icon to the home screen of your device and have all the information and features of the portal wherever you go.

Simply follow these steps to add Mobile Property to your smartphone's home screen:

Step 1: Access the Mobile Site:

Type, or copy and paste, the below URL into your Smartphone's Web browser:

Step 2: Add the App to your Mobile Device's home screen:

iPhone / iPad:

  1. When you have the mobile property app displayed in your web browser, click on the share icon (bottom/center - box with arrow icon) and choose "Add to Home Screen."
  2. Choose a name for the new application, or leave as is, and click "Add."


  1. When you have mobile property app displayed in your web browser, use the menu button and choose "Add Bookmark."
  2. Go to your desktop / home screen and hold down a finger on any blank area until prompt comes up. At this prompt - select shortcuts - Bookmarks - Mobile Site.